The Goldbridge stretch is the last stretch of the River Ouse that the Society controls. Access is from the A272 road bridge, meandering upstream for about a mile. The Society boundary is clearly sign-posted and marked. The river runs slow for the entire stretch with the depth averaging 4ft but running much deeper in parts.

The river’s width is variable with comfortable access to the bank where swims have been marked. The first field often contains horses so caution is advised as these animals are curious and will often pay a visit.

This stretch contains all species of freshwater fish. Good quality Chub, Barbel, Dace, Perch and Bream are normally available, together with the occasional large Carp and Pike. Brown Trout and the occasional Sea Trout can also be found. Its also know to hold some big Perch



Normal river tactics of pole and stick float with maggot will take most species although conventional baits, from bread flake and sweet corn through to pellets, meat, hemp and caster do well. Try a minnow bait for the big Perch.

Opening Times

16th of June to 14th of March. This applies to holders of a Trout permit also

Special Rules

No fires


Take A272 from Haywards Heath through Newick then 1 mile to parking in lay-by just over bridge.

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