The Society has recently regained control of the fishing rights on this length which stretches for about a mile downstream from the bridge, on the right hand bank, as far as our boundary sign and as far as we are aware it has not been fished between 2000 and 2012. The river runs rather shallow in places but there are quite a few deeper, slower swims all along the length. It contains most species of freshwater fish including chub, dace, roach, perch, barbel,pike and large carp with also the occasional sea trout.The banks are rather steep and overgrown in most places and care will need to be taken by anyone fishing this water, this is defiantly one for the angler who likes exploring wild unkempt waters but there are some big fish to reward those who persevere.



Trotting a float will be very difficult due to the restricted bank access so ledgered are definatly the way forward with the usual maggot, bread and worm for the smaller fish whilst pellets, sweetcorn, meat and pastes will do for the larger fish.

Opening Times

16th of June to 14th of March. This also applies to those members holding a Trout permit

Special Rules

No Fires.


Sheffield Park, Map Ref. TQ406237. Take the A272 from Haywards Heath through Scaynes Hill to North Chailey. Turn left onto the A275 to Sheffield Park, about 2 Miles. Parking is through a padlocked gate on the right about 100 yards on the Chailey (South) side of the bridge. Please park alongside the hedge after passing through a second gate on the left immediately inside the gate off the road.

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