The Angler’s Handbook brought to you by the Angling and Mental Health Initiative CIC, is a guide to all things fishing. In this handbook you will learn what fishing is all about and what it can do for you and your wellbeing, as well as the information you will need before you start, with plenty of tips and methods to try out.

The handbook covers basic angling essentials, which is a great introduction to fishing and what it is all about, as well as a chapter dedicated to the mental health benefits. Fishing Basics part 1,  which breaks down terminology, tackle and explains the basic requirements of fishing. Part 2 has in depth explanations of how to do things like casting, setting up a rod and reel, fish care and more. This handbook also explains all of the fish species, fish anatomy, how to catch them and the tackle needed to do so. There is a whole section on bait with how-to guides, as well as other tips and information. It is for all types of anglers, whether you are new to fishing or have relative experience, there is something for everybody.  There is a section that details how to tie many different knots from connecting lines, tying on hooks or swivels to other knots that are used for things like putting line onto a reel spool. This handbook also has a very in depth and detailed section on rigs, techniques, and tactics that were collected from anglers of all ages and experiences, with these tried and tested methods that covers float fishing, feeder fishing and ledgering, there is plenty to learn and try out on the bank.

This handbook forms part of the initiative to drive good mental health and wellbeing for all, using the wonderfully relaxing sport of fishing. <br>

All sales from these books go back into the Angling and Mental Health Initiative CIC.

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